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Request for Consultative Assistance

The Consultation Education and Training (CET) Division educates employers and employees in safety and health awareness so they are better prepared to recognize, control and prevent hazardous working conditions. A statewide staff of experienced, professional occupational safety consultants, construction safety specialists, and industrial hygienists provide CET services. CET provides workplace safety and health training and consultations to employers and employees throughout Michigan. As an integral part of the MIOSHA program, CET provides the ability for employers to learn proactively about the workplace safety and health rules that affect their workplace, to understand best practices for creating and maintaining a safe work environment, and to strive for program recognition of significant workplace safety and health program performance.

What type of assistance do you need?

- Onsite Consultative Services
Michigan employers may request a voluntary MIOSHA inspection of their workplace (full or partial) without the attachment of fines or penalties. These on-site consultations are conducted by occupational safety consultants or industrial hygienists through the CET onsite consultation program.

Employers must agree, prior to the start of this inspection, to correct all serious violations found during the voluntary inspection. Currently, priority for participation in this program is given to high-hazard manufacturing employers with less than 250 employees. Other requests are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

- Training and Consultation Services
Michigan employers, employees, trade organizations and associations may request assistance with training; safety and health hazard recognition, prevention and control; and, MIOSHA Standards interpretation. In addition to these services, Michigan employers may request compliance abatement assistance, consultation services, and surveys to be conducted at their facilities.

These services are offered without cost with the exception of CET Seminars. A nominal fee covers the costs of equipment rental, room rental and lunch/refreshment charges.

To request a consultation or workplace survey to be conducted at your facility:

Click here to fill out the Request for Consultation Assistance (RCA) form. Then click "Submit by E-mail," a new window will appear, then click "Continue" and click "Send." If you have any issues submitting this form, please send the completed form via email to: or fax to: 517-284-7725. If you have questions, please call CET at 517-284-7720.
* The RCA form works only when accessing it via Internet Explorer or FireFox browsers. It does not submit correctly via Google Crome or Microsoft Edge.

Your request will be reviewed and you will be contacted within 7 business days.

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