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Labor and Economic Opportunity

Consultation Education & Training Division

Contact: Consultation Education & Training Division 517-284-7720

The Consultation Education & Training (CET) Division services are provided throughout the state by an in-house staff of professional occupational safety consultants, occupational safety specialists and industrial hygienists. The staff in the CET Division are non-enforcement personnel. These consultants and specialists are located throughout Michigan and collectively they serve the employers and the employees in all 83 Michigan counties.

Click here to view the Consultant Directory (CET #0106w)

CET services are funded through a special Michigan worker's disability compensation levy assessment that provides CET restricted use funding. This funding is also supplemented by federal funds. No Michigan general fund money is used to provide CET services. The majority of CET services are provided to Michigan employers or employees at no additional cost beyond the levy assessment. Co-sponsors of CET public seminars may charge a nominal fee to cover the costs of equipment rental, room rental, and lunch/refreshment charges.

Consultation Education and Training
530 W. Allegan St., P.O. Box 30643
Lansing, MI 48909-8143

Phone: 517-284-7720
Fax: 517-284-7725

CET Division Mission Statement

Provide employers and employees occupational safety and health consultation, education, and training to prevent worker injuries and illnesses by assisting with the development and implementation of effective safety and health management systems.