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Labor and Economic Opportunity

General Industry Safety & Health Division

Contact: General Industry Safety & Health Division 517-284-7750

The General Industry Safety & Health Division conducts inspections and investigations in places of employment within the state of Michigan. This includes both public sector employers and private employers. The division responds to complaints from employees or their representatives, investigates accidents including fatalities and catastrophes, and responds to referrals of unsafe or unhealthy conditions from other agencies.

The division addresses the occupational exposure of Michigan's employees to substances of work conditions such as air contaminants, noise, ergonomic hazards, bloodborne pathogens, and ionizing and nonionizing radiation.  It is also responsible for enforcing MIOSHA rules that contain control measures used to reduce employee exposure to such substances/work conditions, including engineering controls (e.g., industrial ventilation, enclosures, etc.,) administrative controls (e.g., employee rotation, hazard communication, housekeeping, etc.), and personal protective equipment (e.g., respiratory protection, hearing protection chemical protective clothing, etc.).

The division also conducts unannounced inspections at facilities throughout the state in accordance with current priority inspection guidelines. The General Industry Safety & Health Division also administers the Employee Discrimination Section.

General Industry Safety & Health Division Mission Statement

Ensure employee safety and health through enforcement activities at general industry operations and to protect the rights afforded employees under the Michigan Occupational Safety & Health Act.