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Labor and Economic Opportunity

Technical Services Division

Contact: Technical Services Division 517-284-7790

The Technical Services Division (TSD) is responsible for a variety of services to MIOSHA staff and clients.  TSD staff prepare and administer most of the grants and contracts related to the federal programs that MIOSHA supports and monitor budget activity.  The program areas include:

  • The Laboratory and Equipment Services Section (LESS) includes an industrial hygiene laboratory, which is accredited by the American Industrial Hygiene Association, for analysis of air and material samples for occupational exposure to air and physical contaminants.   LESS also includes an instrument calibration and maintenance program for providing field instrumentation to MIOSHA industrial hygienists and safety officers to assess exposure to chemical and physical hazards in the workplace.
  • The Management Information Systems Section (MISS) is responsible for compilation of accurate and timely injury and illness data, provides information to MIOSHA clients about recordkeeping requirements, prepares statistical information and reports to programs about enforcement activities, monitors data related to MIOSHA strategic planning activities, and provides computer and software support to other MIOSHA programs.
  • The Standards and FOIA Section is responsible for:
    • Coordination of the promulgation of Michigan occupational safety and health standards through the appointment of advisory committees to assist with the development of standards, providing access to MIOSHA standards electronically and through distribution of single copies and sets of paper standards, and maintaining a collection for viewing of the national reference standards that are referenced in MIOSHA standards. 
    • Consultation Education and Training (CET) Grant Program supplements staff activities by providing competitive grants to nonprofit organizations to provide training and education in emerging safety and health issues, to address particularly dangerous occupations, and to extend MIOSHA’s impact through “train-the-trainer” projects, and to provide training and outreach too difficult to reach target groups.
    • Responding to Michigan Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests.  As of August 14, 2019, ALL FOIA requests for MIOSHA, including the Radiation Safety Section, MUST be directed to the MIOSHA Freedom of Information Act Coordinator at 517-284-7740.
    • Developing/facilitating the MIOSHA Leadership Institute (MLI), which is an internal agency training program designed to strengthen the skill set of current supervisory staff, as well as develop emerging leaders.
  • The Radiation Safety Section (RSS) regulates radiation machines by registering and inspecting facilities utilizing radiation machines. 


TSD Mission Statement


Provide professional administration of analytical, informational and technical services to internal and external customers.