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Labor and Economic Opportunity

MIOSHA Workplace Posters

Michigan Safety and Health Protection on the Job Posters

Image of the MIOSHA Poster (CET #2010)

*Administrative Rules Part 13, Rule 1311(5) states: Reproductions or facsimiles of the state poster shall constitute compliance with the posting requirements of this rule where the reproductions or facsimiles are at least 8-1/2 inches by 14 inches and the printing size is at least 10 point. The caption or heading on the poster shall be in large type, not less than 36 point.

SDS Location Poster - CET #2105

Image of the MSDS Location Poster (CET #2105)

New or Revised SDS Poster - CET #2106

Image of the MSDS New & Revised Poster (CET #2106)

Michigan Whistleblowers Protection Act Poster

Image of Whistleblower Poster

MIOSHA Log 300 Forms

Image of the MIOSHA Log 300 Image of MIOSHA Log 300A Image of the MIOSHA Log 301

Our Poster List includes other department required posters and their contact information.
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