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Labor and Economic Opportunity

MIOSHA Fact Sheets

1910.146 Permit-Required Confined Spaces (PRCS) (doc / pdf)
Acetylene (doc / pdf)
Adult & Child Care Industries (doc / pdf)
Aerial Work Platforms and Lifting Equipment (doc / pdf)
Aerial Work Platforms: Use on Barges (doc / pdf)
Agricultural Field Sanitation (doc / pdf)
Agricultural Field Sanitation (Spanish) (doc / pdf)
Agricultural Industry Confined Space Hazards (doc / pdf)
Appeals Research Tools (doc)
Asbestos (doc / pdf)
Bloodborne Infectious Disease (doc / pdf)
Brake Monitors (doc / pdf)
Cadmium (doc / pdf)
Chromium (VI) Exposure in Construction and General Industry (doc / pdf)
Citation Hearings - What To Expect & How To Prepare (pdf)
Column Setting Using Proper Rigging (doc / pdf)
Confined Spaces in Construction (pdf)
Crane Operator Certification (under revision)
Cranes - Safe Operation (under revision)
Crystalline Silica Exposure in Construction and General Industry (doc / pdf)
Dangers of Pneumatic Nail Guns With Contact Triggers (doc / pdf)
Decking Used As A Work Platform During Bridgework (doc / pdf)
Discrimination Hearings - What To Expect & How to Prepare (pdf)
Electrical Safety Power Line Clearances (doc / pdf)
Electrical Shock Hazards (doc / pdf)
Electrocutions: Prevention/Protection Awareness (doc / pdf)
Electroplating - Automated Hoist/Transfer Systems (doc / pdf)
Erecting & Dismantling Scaffolds - Is Fall Protection Required? (doc / pdf)
Ergonomics in Construction (doc / pdf)
Ergonomics in General Industry (doc / pdf)
Ethylene Oxide (doc / pdf)
Excavation Training by the Numbers (doc / pdf)
Eyewashes and Safety Showers (doc / pdf)
Fabricated Metal and Machinery Manufacturing (doc)
Falls - Unprotected Sides, Wall Openings, & Floor Holes (doc / pdf)
First Aid and Emergency Requirements for Construction (doc / pdf)
Fork Trucks (Under Revision)
Formaldehyde (doc / pdf)
Freedom of Information Act (Under Revision)
GFCI Requirements for Industry (doc / pdf)
Hair Straightening & Formaldehyde (doc / pdf)
Hazard Communication (Under Revision)
Healthcare COVID-19 Safety (doc)
Health Hazards in the Green Industry (doc / pdf)
Highlights of the Fall Protection Standard (doc / pdf)
Highlights of the New Part 10 - Cranes & Derricks Standard (doc / pdf)
Injury and Illness Recordkeeping Requirements for Temporary Workers (doc)
Isocyanate Exposure (doc / pdf)
Ladders (doc / pdf)
Late Appeals (doc)
Lead Exposure in Construction (doc / pdf)
Lockout/Tagout for Construction (doc / pdf)
Machine Specific Lockout (doc / pdf)
Marijuana Industry - Potential Health and Safety Hazards (doc / pdf)

Masonry Wall Bracing (doc / pdf)
Part 2 - Masonry Wall Bracing Questions & Answers (doc / pdf)

Methylene Chloride - Bath Tub Refinishing Operations (doc / pdf)
Methylenedianiline (doc / pdf)
MIOSHA and EPA Lead Rules: What's The Difference? (doc / pdf)
MIOSHA Fatal Facts: Falls That Kill (doc / pdf)
MISS DIG 811: Public Act 174 (doc / pdf
Noise Exposure in Construction (doc / pdf)
Noise and Hearing Conservation (doc / pdf)
Out-of-State Attorney Procedures (pdf)
Part 28. Personnel Hoisting in Steel Erection (doc / pdf)
Part 62. Plastic Molding Rule Changes (doc / pdf)
Pinch Points (doc / pdf)
Portable Ladder Safety (doc / pdf)
Prehearing Conference - How to Prepare and What to Expect (doc)
Press Brakes: Operator Protection (doc /pdf)
Preventing Exposure to Hazardous Drugs (doc / pdf)
Quick-Couplers (doc / pdf)
Residential Fall Protection (doc / pdf)
Respiratory Protection (doc / pdf)
Safety Blocks (doc / pdf)
Safety Pays (pdf)
Scaffold Weather Protection Wind Load Factors (doc / pdf)
Scissor Lifts - Alternatives For Compliance (doc / pdf)
Suspended Scaffold Safety (doc / pdf)

Steel Erection and Fall Protection (doc / pdf)

Struck-By (doc / pdf)
Temporary Labor Camps (doc / pdf)
Temporary Labor Camps (Spanish) (doc / pdf)
Traffic Controls for Part 58 (doc / pdf)
Training (doc / pdf)
Tree Care Industry (doc / pdf)
Trenching and Excavation (doc / pdf)
Two-Hand Controls (doc / pdf)
Using Aerial Lifts (doc / pdf)
Wood Product Manufacturing (doc / pdf)
Wood Truss Bracing (doc / pdf)
Working Safely on Roadways (doc / pdf)