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Barton Malow Company, Building Trades, Contractors and MIOSHA Sign Partnership to Protect Workers on Severstal Dearborn's Modernization Project

September 1, 2010 - Barton Malow Company, the Michigan Department of Energy, Labor & Economic Growth (DELEG), the Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration (MIOSHA), and the Greater Detroit Building and Construction Trades Council, signed a formal partnership today to protect workers at Severstal NA in Dearborn.


The partnership goal is enhanced safety and health protection and zero injuries for workers on this major modernization project. The MIOSHA program is part of the Michigan Department of Energy, Labor & Economic Growth (DELEG).


Barton Malow Company is working with Severstal to resume their modernization program on the Pickle Line Tandem Cold Mill (PLTCM) and Hot Dip Coating Line (HDCL) at their Dearborn facility. This project will provide Severstal NA with expanded product capability.


"The construction industry is one of the most hazardous industries in Michigan. We applaud Barton Malow's commitment to send every construction worker home healthy and whole, every day," said DELEG Deputy Director & Chief of Staff Susan R. Corbin. "This modernization project is good for Michigan - and it's good for Michigan's workers."


Signing partners included: Ryan Maibach, Project Executive, Steve Freed, Project Director, Mark Klimbal, Corporate Safety Director, Barton Malow; and Patrick Devlin, Secretary-Treasurer, Greater Detroit Building and Construction Trades Council; Susan Corbin, Deputy Director, Michigan Department of Energy, Labor & Economic Growth; and Doug Kalinowski, Director, MIOSHA. Also signing will be all of the subcontractors and building trades unions working on the project.


"We are proud and grateful to be a part of the Severstal project," said Ryan Maibach, Vice President of the Barton Malow Company Industrial Group. "Communicating our partnership is the best way to demonstrate our commitment to work safely and protect everyone involved."


Partnerships are an important emphasis in MIOSHA's Strategic Plan to improve the health and safety of workers through cooperative relationships with groups, including trade associations, labor organizations, and employers. Partnerships move away from traditional enforcement methods and embrace collaborative agreements.


"These kinds of partnerships are becoming increasingly common in Michigan, and we couldn't be happier about it," said Patrick Devlin, Secretary-Treasurer of the Greater Detroit Building and Construction Trades Council. "There is no better way that we can improve the on-the-job health of the state's construction workers than making these kinds of sustained commitments to safety."


The Greater Detroit Building and Construction Trades Council and its affiliate unions are supportive of this partnership. The partnering unions include:  Operating Engineers Local 324, Painters D.C. No. 22, Boilermakers Local 169, Pipefitters Local 636, I.B.E.W. Local 58, Plumbers Local 98, Ironworkers Local 25, Roofers Local 149, Laborers Local 1076, Sheet Metal Local 80 & 292, Laborers Local 1191, Sprinkler Fitters Local 704, Michigan Regional Council of Carpenters, and Teamsters Local 247.


The Partnering Employers include: Fast Decks, Incorporated; Midwest Steel, Inc.; Motor City Electric Company; Superior Electric Great Lakes Company; C. L. Rieckhoff Company, Inc.; John A. Papalas & Company; Ryan & Associates, Inc.; and E. C. Korneffel Company. (Other Partnering Employers may be added as they appear on the project.)


The Supporting Partners include: M.U.S.T., Management & Union Serving Together; Severstal NA PLTCM & HDCL Project; Zurich Insurance NA; Marsh USA, Inc., and Allied Insurance Brokers, Inc.


The "Severstal Partnership Agreement" has been established to raise awareness and promote safety for all personnel employed in the construction project. Barton Malow Company, the partnering trade unions and subcontractors endorse the ultimate goal of ZERO INJURIES on this project.


Recognizing that engineering techniques alone are not enough to ensure that exposure to hazards are controlled, the partnering employers will implement common efforts to assure safety through the following key elements:

  • Adherence to all safety policies, procedures, and MIOSHA standards.
  • 100 percent fall protection over 6 feet, including steel erection and roof work.
  • 100 percent eye protection.
  • All Crane Operators will be Certified Crane Operators (CCO) as recognized by the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO).
  • Substance abuse testing through a corporate program, M.U.S.T., M.O.S.T., or equivalent program - adherence by all trade contractors.
  • Pre-Task Safety Plans (PSPs) are to be completed and submitted to Barton Malow Company prior to beginning the work defined.
  • PSPs must be posted at the work area and reviewed with workers prior to beginning work.
  • A Competent and/or Qualified Person will be provided for each work operation as identified by MIOSHA standards.
  • Barton Malow Company and the partnering employers on this project will uniformly enforce a disciplinary action plan for employees who fail to work in a safe manner.


"The MIOSHA program is dedicated to working with employers to find innovative ways to enhance workplace safety and health," said MIOSHA Director Doug Kalinowski. "Through partnerships, MIOSHA can offer employers a voluntary, cooperative relationship to eliminate serious hazards and achieve a high level of safety and health."


The partnership does not preclude MIOSHA from enforcing its mission of addressing complaints, fatalities, or serious accidents, nor does it infringe on the rights of employees to report workplace hazards.


Barton Malow Company provides construction management, design-build, program management, general contracting, technology and rigging services throughout North America. The ISO (quality) certified company has LEED™ Accredited Professionals on staff and is an industry Building Information Modeling (BIM) leader.   Niche market specialties include sports and special event, healthcare, educational, federal, industrial and energy facilities. Barton Malow has a staff of 1,400 employees in 13 offices in the United States and Mexico, including offices in Jacksonville, FL and Orlando, FL. Annual firm revenues exceed $1.2 billion. For additional information, visit


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