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Labor and Economic Opportunity

MIOSHA Archived Initiatives

Blight Remediation Initiative
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Temporary Worker Initiative
CET Publications
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Air Contaminants Initiative
Air Contaminants Overview
Michigan Case Studies, Success Stories & Emerging Issues
MIOSHA Publications
Rules & Compliance Instructions
Other Resources

Confined Spaces Initiative
Training Sources
Related Standards
Policies & Procedures
CET Publications & Resources
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Residential Construction Initiative
Fatality Summaries
Training Resources
Related Standards
Policies & Procedures
MIOSHA Fact Sheets
Other Publications & Resources

Hazard Communication / GHS Initiative & Training
Hazard Communication / GHS Overview
Hazard Communication Training Programs
Additional Resources
Federal OSHA Tools

Residential Fall Protection Initiative
Residential Fall Protection Initiative Press Release (April 4, 2011)
Residential Fall Protection Letter (pdf)
Residential Fall Protection Fact Sheet (doc / pdf)
Residential Fall Protection Compliance Criteria - COM-04-1R2
Updated Enforcement Policy for Residential Fall Protection
Part 45. Fall Protection Standard (pdf)
Sample Fall Protection Plan for Residential Construction Work (CET #0184)
MIOSHA Fatal Facts: Falls that Kill (doc / pdf)

Highlights of the Fall Protection Standard Fact Sheet (doc / pdf)
Falls - Unprotected Sides, Openings, & Floor Holes (doc)
Threshold Heights Requiring Fall Prevention/Protection (Const & GI)
Fall Prevention/Protection Resources
Fall Protection Q&A

Preventing Electrocutions Initiative
MIOSHA Announces Initiative to Help Prevent Workplace Electrocutions
MIOSHA Urges Employers to Proactively Protect Their Workers
(March 15, 2011)
Electrocutions: Prevention/Protection Awareness (pdf / doc)
Electrical Safety Power Line Clearances (pdf / doc)
Electrical Shock Hazards (pdf / doc)

Protecting Workers in Tough Economic Times Initiative
Press Release (March 23, 2010)
Press Release (May 7, 2009)

Safety Pays Fact Sheet (pdf)
Ben Franklin Card (pdf)

Young Worker Initiative
Young Worker Initiative (html)
Youth Initiative Letter to Educators (May 30, 2007)
Youth Initiative Letter to Organizations
(April 22, 2008) (doc)
Extreme Safety Brochure (pdf / html)
Extreme Safety 2013 (ppt)
An Overview of the Michigan Minimum Wage & Overtime Law (WHD-9802)
Youth Employment Information - Michigan Department of Education
Links to Other Resource's Websites
Youth Worker Safety - Electrical Safety-Related Work Practices for Schools (doc / pdf)
Landscape & Horticultural Services Industry Fact Sheet (doc / pdf)
The Construction Industry Fact Sheet & Youth Fatal Facts in Construction (doc / pdf)
Restaurant/Fast Food Industry Fact Sheet (doc / pdf)
Retail Industry Fact Sheet (doc / pdf)
Youth Fatal Facts (doc / pdf)
Extreme Safety Bookmark
Extreme Safety Poster

Tree Trimming
Tree Trimming Initiative Letter (October 9, 2006)
Arborist Operations, MIOSHA Compliance & Safety (ppt)
Tree Care Industry Fact Sheet (doc / pdf)
GI Part 53 Tree Trimming (pdf)
The Green Industry Self-Inspection Checklist (pdf / doc)
MIOSHA & The Green Industry (doc)
Quick Cards & Safety Tip Sheets
Fatalities in the Tree Trimming Industry Can Be Prevented (February 24, 2010)
Tree Trimming Fatality Hazard Alert (October 11, 2016)

Fall Prevention/Protection Awareness Training
Fall Protection Standard Part 45 (pdf)

Fall Prevention/Protection Awareness Letters - February 28, 2008 (General Industry & Construction)
Fall Protection Awareness Training Letter (September 22, 2005)
Fall Protection Association Letter (September 2005)
Press Release (September 22, 2005)

Excavation and Trenching Awareness Training
Excavation & Trenching Awareness Training Letter (August 20, 2004) (pdf / doc)
Press Release (August 20, 2004)
Excavation, Trenching, & Shoring Construction Standard Part 9 (pdf)

Asbestos Awareness Training
Letter to Contractors (June 7, 2004) (pdf / doc)

Press Release (June 7, 2004)
Asbestos Standard for Construction Part 602
Asbestos Program

Spray-on Truck-bed Liner
MIOSHA Hazard Alert: Spray-on Truck-bed Liner Operation Proves Fatal (Released: October 2, 2004) (pdf / doc)

Part 76. Spray Finishing Using Flammable & Combustible Materials (pdf)
Follow Up Letter
(September 16, 2005)
Preventing Asthma and Death from MDI Exposure During Spray-on Truck Bed Liner and Related Applications (September 2006)

Michigan Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation (MiFACE) Program