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Mobile Lithotripsy Shielding Guidelines

Mobile lithotripsy machines may be used for temporary clinical purposes in operating rooms with steel or leaded doors. Windows (in doors and walls) must be shielded to at least the same lead equivalency as the door. If a machine is to be used in an area that does not meet these criteria, approval of the radiation shielding must be obtained prior to clinical use in that location.

Lithotripter rooms which do not meet the above criteria (operating rooms with steel or leaded doors) are typically required to be shielded with the equivalent of at least 1/32-inch lead, including doors and windows. Floors and ceilings, if there is occupancy below or above, are normally required to also be equivalent to 1/32-inch lead or 2.5 inches of standard-density concrete (147 pounds per cubic foot).

Updated: February 21, 2006

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