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Podiatric X-Ray Shielding Guidelines

Radiation shielding plan review approval should be obtained from the Radiation Safety Section for podiatric x-ray installations. Rule 365(2) requires shielding of the primary beam. In podiatric offices, the primary beam is generally directed to the floor for dorsal-planar projections and is directed horizontally towards a wall for laterals. Both areas, including an area extending 1 foot beyond, should be shielded with 1/16 inch lead equivalent shielding. If the office is located on a concrete slab, additional shielding for the floor is not necessary. If lateral shots are directed towards an outside brick or block wall, additional shielding is usually not required.

Secondary shielding of 1/32 inch lead equivalent may also be necessary on walls that adjoin areas that are either fully occupied or are not under the control of the podiatric office. This secondary shielding should extend from the floor to a height of 7 feet.

Added: 4/3/2009

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