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Radiation Therapy Medical Events Registration Conditions Issued (Posted 6/1/2012)

During the month of May, 2012, the Radiation Safety Section issued modified registration certificates for radiation therapy machines. Therapy facilities should have received their new certificate by now. We will no longer use the term "misadministration" but will instead call these treatment errors "medical events". The new registration conditions are:

Except for an event that results from patient intervention, the registrant shall report in writing within 30 days to the Department any event from the administration of therapeutic radiation that:

  • Results in the total dose delivered differing from the prescribed dose by 20% or more; or
  • Results in any single delivered fraction of a fractionated treatment exceeding the prescribed dose by 50% or more; or
  • Involves the wrong patient, wrong treatment modality, or wrong treatment site.

Our website,, contains a page called Therapy Medical Events [link edited July 2016] to help address questions about medical events.