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Comments on Proposed Revisions to Mammography Rules (Posted 10/24/2012)

A public hearing on the proposed revisions to Part 14 - Mammography administrative rules was held on September 5, 2012. In attendance were seven people representing mammography facilities and seven people from the Department. The comments presented at the hearing were from the Michigan Radiological Society. These comments and the Department's responses to the comments are now posted on our website on the Draft Rules for Comment page.

Next steps in the rules promulgation process are:

  1. The department creates a second draft of the rules based on comments received and submits this draft to the Office of Regulatory Reinvention (ORR)
  2. ORR submits the draft to the Legislative Service Bureau (LSB) who has 21 days to certify the rules for form, classification and arrangement.
  3. LSB submits the rules to the Joint Committee on Administration Rules (JCAR) along with a report which summarizes changes made after the public hearing. JCAR has 15 legislative sessions days to meet and object.
  4. ORR then files the rules with the Office of the Great Seal after 15 JCAR sessions days expire. The rules become effective immediately upon filing with the Great Seal.