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New Radiation Machine Rules Now Effective (posted 5/25/2016)

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On May 25, 2016, new Ionizing Radiation Rules Governing the Use of Radiation Machines were filed with the Office of the Great Seal and became effective immediately. A copy of the new rules is available on our website. The new rules are numbered R 333.5001 to R 333.5721 in the Michigan Administrative Code. These newly promulgated rules replace the radiation machine portions of R 325.5001 to R 325.5721. R 325.5001 to R 325.5721 were promulgated by the old Department of Public Health and contained provisions for radiation machines and radioactive material. The new rules pertain only to radiation machines. The Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) has jurisdiction over radioactive material in the state of Michigan. Portions of the old rules pertaining to radiation machines were rescinded at the time of the new rule promulgation. The DEQ will continue to administer the old rules relevant to radioactive material.

Although this is a new rule set, most of the rules are the same or similar to the rules they are replacing. Radiation machine registrants will likely not see much difference as a result of this promulgation. The RSS will continue to perform regulatory inspections at the same frequency and registration policies and procedures will be the same.

Here are some changes to the rules that will affect your radiation safety program:

  • Removal of language referring to radioactive material
  • Removal of many definitions
  • Use of SI units
  • Low power electron microscopes are exempted from registration
  • A rule is added requiring shielding plan reviews
  • Dose limits are changed to be consistent with current national standards, including a separate dose limit for the lens of the eye and the elimination of quarterly limits
  • The dose limit for members of the public is reduced to 1 mSv

More information about the new rules can be found here.