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Chemical Information Manual v4.2

The Occupational Health Laboratory maintains the Chemical Information Manual (CIM) to provide substance specific exposure limits, physical symptoms, and approved sampling methods for our customers.  Routine analyses for the OHL are found in chapter 2, and non-routine analyses are in chapter 3.  Please contact the OHL prior to sampling for any chapter 3 analyses.

All chapters and appendices are in Adobe Acrobat "PDF" format with the exception of "Chapter 2 Reduced Format" which is an Excel file.  To search a chapter or appendix for a specific substance or phrase, open the file, click "Search" from the tool bar, enter the search criteria and click the "Search" button.

Please direct any questions to the LESS Program Manager  by email or phone 517-284-2900.

CIM v4.2 Cover Page
CIM v4.2 Chapter 1 (Definitions)
CIM v4.2 Chapter 2 (Routine Analyses)
CIM v4.2 Chapter 2 (Reduced Format)
CIM v4.2 Chapter 3 (Non-Routine Analyses)
CIM v4.2 Appendix A (Synonyms)
CIM v4.2 Appendix B (CAS #s)
CIM v4.2 Appendix C (IMIS #s)
CIM v4.2 Appendix D (Sampling Media)