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Labor and Economic Opportunity

History of the Michigan Career and Technical Institute

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1944  Facilities leased to the State of Michigan, by W.K. Kellogg Foundation, for rehabilitation of returning World War II veterans and other citizens of Michigan.

1947  Property and facilities deeded to State of Michigan to "promote the health, education and welfare of mankind..."

1952  Named Michigan Veteran's Vocational School and established as a state institution under the State Board of Education.

1959  Name changed to Michigan Rehabilitation Institute.

1964  350-bed dormitory constructed.

1968  Name changed to State Technical Institute and Rehabilitation Center (STIRC).

1971  First female student enrolled in STIRC.

1974  Addition of health and recreation complex.

1995  Name changed to the Michigan Career and Technical Institute (MCTI).

1999  Construction of Pine Lake Family Center providing housing and daycare for students with families attending MCTI.