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Labor and Economic Opportunity

Outreach Committee Meeting Minutes

January 27, 2000
Flint MCB Offices

I. The current brochure was reviewed and current changes are being considered. Status of this change will be discussed with Mr. Utrup.

II. There was much discussion of the PSA concept. It was explained that FIA handled PSA work internally. They preferred a PSA to go to radio stations with individual station personnel broadcasting the actual PSA. This was in lieu of our MCB staff performing the PSA.

The committee decided upon utilizing actual consumers in PSA’s. This would give a more warm approach. Four groups of individusls were decided upon: older populations through ILP, college aged persons, high school persons, and employed individuals. Specific names of consumers were discussed. Committee members volunteered to contact consumers and determine interest in performing PSA’s.

The committee began a writing of the PSA’s for each group of individuals. This will be reviewed and revised during the March meeting. Committee members will also give feedback as to consumer interest. Much agreement and interest was offered with this new idea.

III. Mr. Boes reviewed the concept of peer assistance using the two consumer groups in Michigan, NFB and ACB. Mr Utrup had contacted each groups’ president in November or Decemberr for their assistance. Each president had favorable responses. As of this writing, neither president has responded to Mr. Utrup or Mr. Boes with any names of peer assistance. Mr. Boes will re-contact each president prior to the committee meeting in march for re-affirmation of help and specific names of individuals throughout the state.

IV. Discussion as to a video was again brought to the table. Expenses in preparing a video, feasiblity of such video, and related topics were entertained. Further work on this may occur in March with more push in the coming year.

V. the topic of multi-curltural diversity was again addressed. The committee finds this an excellent idea for all MCB staff. The name of Dr. Molten from MSU was identified as an excellent individual to contact as to feasibility for a cultural diversity workshop. Mr. Boes will contact her prior to March meeting.

During the March 30th meeting, further discussion on PSA, peer group assistance, and work shop on multi-culturalism will be specific topics.

The meeting will occur in Lansing, 10:00 A.M., Victor Office building, March 30, 2000.

Next meeting: Lansing, March 30, 2000: 10:00 A.M