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Labor and Economic Opportunity

Outreach Committee Meeting Minutes

Agency: Licensing and Regulatory Affairs

March 30, 2000
Lansing, Mi, Victor Office Building

I. PSA discussion- Individuals for the PSA’s have been chosen, inquiries as to involvement made, and all agree to participate. More discussion is needed at the next meeting as to further work with FIA for the PSA’s.

II. Brochures- All brochures have been distributed. Contact with Bob Utrup as to printing of new brochures is necessary. John Boes will contact Mr. Utrup concerning this matter.

III. The committee asked to include in the minutes the need for more timeliness of minutes distribution. They would like the minutes in their hands prior to the meetings.

IV. Multi-culturalism- Further discussion of a speaker for the entire MCB staff concerning multi-cultural issues. John Boes shared materials from Dr. Mauten, professor MSU and speaker on multi-cultural diversity. Debbie will afford the committee another speaker for consideration. John Boes will contact this individual for possible involvement.

V. The greatest discussion surrounded multi-cultural issues, personnel in state government, and needs. The committee wants to further discuss and investigate this issue.

The next meeting is May 11, 2000, 10:00, Lansing, MI.