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Labor and Economic Opportunity

Outreach Committee Meeting Minutes

May 18, 2000
Lansing, Michigan

I. Brochures: John Boes will contact Bob Robertson and determine feasibility of printing more bvrochures (I have contacted Bob Robertson and he is looking into re-printing)

II. Best into the meeting to further understand this role. He will speak with the FIA representative for clarification. This FIA rep may attend the next meeting. The committee asked Mr. Best to possibly sit in on our meetings occassionally for clarification of issues. He agreed.

III. Multi-cultural statewide training: This issue is still being discussed. The concept is agreed to by the whole committee. John Boes will contact another individual, Mr. Robert Johnson, as a possible speaker.

John Boes will contact Pat Cannon, director, during this time, as to his input with this multi-cultural statewide training.

The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, August 17, 2000, Lansing, Michigan 10:00 A.M.