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Labor and Economic Opportunity

Marketing Committee Meeting Summary

July 28, 2000

Members present: Roz Byers-Lang, Pat Cannon, Karla Hudson, John McMahon, Bob Robertson

Guests: Tiffany Pruitt, Shannon Hengesbach, Sherri Valdez

The committee reviewed and approved the format/text of the "Voting Rights" brochure as presented by Tiffany Pruitt, a summer intern from CMU, who put together the brochure.

Shannon Hengesbach, another summer intern from CMU, gave an overview of the new MCB website that she has been developing and working on this summer. (Everyone was very impressed by the work from both of these individuals this summer and their return to school in late August will be a loss for MCB.)

The new "Orientation Packet" was presented by Sherri Valdez and Pat Cannon. This comprehensive collection of materials is designed as an overview of the agency, the staff, and other information. A copy will be provided for every current employee and commissioner as well as all new hires or appointees in the future. It is in a 3-ring binder for easy updating.

Tiffany Pruitt and Bob Robertson presented information on the new "general agency brochure" being developed. Tiffany has been working on the first draft of it and so far the results have been very good. It will be a large, "booklet-like" brochure with individual inserts for each program within MCB. Tiffany will continue to work on this during the next few weeks.

The group spent a great deal of time discussing the recent slogan contest. Even though there was a clear favorite from those taking the time to participate there were some concerns regarding the entire process. The entries were sent to each program manager and regional supervisor to be forwarded to their staff. It was later determined that some staff did not receive the information in a timely manner and did not have time to share their opinions. It was also sent to the CIC and the commissioners. Two of the commissioners responded but nobody from the CIC sent in their vote. There was no other consumer input into this process.

Therefore, it was decided to table the current results and begin the process again with additional input from consumers and other interested parties. The next step will be to solicit input from other sources to go with the approximate 30 entries given so far.

The committee was very grateful to those who sent in their suggestions and to all of those who participated as requested. We hope that everyone understands the reasons behind these decisions.

Based on the recommendations of the committee, Bob will follow up with APH and begin the process of buying Braille alphabet cards. This will be completed as soon as possible.

The committee discussed the possible purchase of MCB logo-ed stickers. Bob will obtain additional info from several vendors to present at the next meeting.

Roz was ready to present info on the proposed speakers’ bureau but unfortunately time ran out for the meeting. She will present this info at the next meeting.

Next Meeting: Thursday, September 21st, 10am – 2pm, Lansing Central Office Conference Room