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Labor and Economic Opportunity

Marketing Committee Meeting Summary

Agency: Licensing and Regulatory Affairs

April 19, 2001

Members present: Roz Byers-Lang, Pat Cannon, Karla Hudson, John McMahon, Corda Moss, and Virginia Dean

Guests: Pete Barns, Maureen Sorbet (FIA Communications Staff Members)

Pat Cannon indicated that Commissioner Peeti Greene would be joining the group in future meetings, along with Bob Wyckoff from the FIA communications department.

The committee discussed the Business Enterprise program video developed by Mississippi State. The group viewed the video in order to give the FIA communications staff exposure to the content. We can utilize Mississippi States video for our BEP program by adding information about our agency at beginning and end. The information will be agreed upon with the participation of BEP staff.

We spent some period of time with Pete Barnes (responsible for creating video materials) about the types of videos we might want to obtain for the agency. The group focused on a general agency video with a desire to expand into videos that reflect the individual programs. Pete discussed the option of turning the video media into a CD-ROM. The group found this option exciting as we could utilize our laptops to give clients and their families the opportunity to learn about the agency. This media may also be helpful for presentations to groups such as the chamber of commerce.

The types of services we provided were outlined for Pete. The MCBTC, college prep, mini-adjustment, youth leadership, employers and employed clients were all given as possible filming options for the general video. A suggestion was made to consider incorporating descriptive video into the materials. Maureen suggested that we need to be thinking of a title for the video. One suggestion was made to utilize the MCB slogan and also to look over the other slogan entries for titles.

The group also discussed the speakers bureau with Maureen. She thought there might be a toast masters group starting in the tower. Maureen suggested that Bob Robertson contact Bill Patrick on this issue. Maureen will check with Karen at FIA to see if there is training options for speakers. Pat indicated that he mentioned the need for speakers to the BEP training in Battle Creek. Those individuals interested will contact Vickie.

Advertising ideas were also discussed. The group went through the options of a table covering for conferences. The group decided on the option of a banner to place on table front. Corda will look into cost and ideas for such a banner. Robertson has ordered more fortune cookies. These are in grade one which makes an excellent teaching tool with the alphabet cards. Bob ordered more water bottles for career days and other activities. Also see Bob if you need more bags. John indicated that the cost of the employer containers with logo is $4.50. The rulers being purchased will also include the slogan.

The discussion moved to the general Agency brochure. Pat needs to complete the letter for the brochure. The brochure will go through review with FIA. We discussed the information packet that the staff will present to clients at the time of intake. The type of information will need to be selected for this packet. The information placed on the back and front of folders was discussed. A suggestion made to emphasize Braille. The group discussed purchasing Braille impressers that include the agency name, 800 number and logo for use on folders and brochures. Bob will also look into textured folders.