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Labor and Economic Opportunity

Vision 2020 Meeting

Notes from the thirteenth Vision 2020 Process Design Team meeting

(These notes do not reflect MCB Policy, they reflect ONLY the current learning of the 2020 Process Design Team)

May 9-10, 2001

Flint, Michigan


Dialogue - Video

Quality Reinforcement System

  • Can we achieve common vision?

  • Is there a common jumping-off point?

  • Are we hanging on to old systems?

  • Slipping back to old ways?

  • Unless we challenge our beliefs and assumptions, we keep status quo.

  • Emerging trends can only come after explorations.

  • Is there a new way?

  • Is a new way to involve ALL in new conversations?

  • Everyone is engaged in thinking together.

  • Today's 2020 is part of a new way of doing agency business.

  • External forces (FIA, RSA, CAO, DMB) impact us and we seem to be continually reactive.

  • Are we reactive/proactive in response to external forces?

  • What do we want to do?

  • If we have a plan, we can create our own rolling edge as we go forward to future.

  • Scenarios?

  • Should react positively!

  • Sometimes it is negative.

Get in on ground floor of systems design.

  • E-Michigan System is new and not accessible.

  • We need to get into design earlier.

Must develop an open mindset.

  • Web pages.

  • Public education.

  • Need more spontaneous open thinking.

A year ago we just argued about our shit. NOW we "interact" vs. react.

Now we have created a dialogue circle climate that allows growth and awareness.

Stuff is happening now!

  • How can we be totally proactive/reactive toward daily stuff that we need to interact with?

Is there a structure that will allow us to interact proactively?

It is a gradual and intangible mindset that allows us to address current issues while we plan.

Every person is empowered to "go forward" to build capacity in the systems being designed all around us.

It is emerging.

  • Teams must deal with what comes at us.

  • Context is shifting.

Traditional planning is too static:

  • Everything is AD HOC.

  • Short-term issue handling in a long-term context.

  • Need dynamic and leadership planning in a non-fragmented way.

It is an evolutionary process that changes as it goes.

Customers, vendors, partners - all will have input in our plans.

Context: Can we focus on mutual identity and community co-creation without commissioners, customers and community partners?

  • Will community, customers and partners be at June 11 meeting?

Fear enters the picture as outside people come in to "tell us" what to do.

  • We respond in fear first.

  • How can we change how we work together?

Relationships are different as soon as one partner is different.

Is strategy a four-letter word?

How can we blend?

  • With partners.

  • With customers.

  • With new concepts and systems.

When we deal with local customers and partners we need supports and authority to deal with them.

If I was clear on our direction, I could invite others into our partnership without fear.

True/real partners and customer are here.

  • Are in local sites.

  • Are always with us.

Blend interactions and interagency relations in context of new directions.

Are customers partners?

  • We don't think of them that way.

  • They can help us.

  • We invited and then uninvited several customers here.

  • We're unclear on 2020.

Local CMH is currently planning budget cuts, staff cuts, etc. on their own.

Is it possible to get our house in order without including our customers and partners?

Without our consumer customers we won't exist!

Is June 11, only a beginning?

  • It is confusing for all of us

  • Things are changing

  • This is a place where everyone has a contribution

  • It keeps going forward

It is always just beginning.

  • Always co-creating.

  • Always evolving.

  • Always reengineering.

  • Always a new beginning

  • Always relational

The dialogue is the real work

We have been elitist and isolated ourselves from partners and customers

We can only grow in partnership

All participants need to be involved in all we do

Explore traditional assumptions

  • Old model is fragmented

  • New model is interactive

Can we use a continuous improvement model in the 7 categories?

  • Use open language

  • Establish an open climate

  • A safe learning community

  • Reframe things to encourage more involvement and more input

New Beginnings Mindset

How can we foster it?

Explain new science

We are separating things all the time

How can we recognize we are in unity and contributing all the time too?

How can we win/win/win info/info/info relationships/relationships/relationships dialogue/dialogue/dialogue enthusiasm/enthusiasm/enthusiasm?

We are suddenly involved in a creative process - not told what to do

Create - recreate and continue the process

Is it an open invitation to June 11?  YES - it is an invite

Is it a transparent MCB system?

We dance back and forth from old system to new

N.W. invites entire 2020 team and entire MCB to the UP in September (18 & 19) to continue our dialogue about the future (includes UP consumers and community partners)

That all interested staff be involved in future staff development opportunities

Can we all be involved in (re) designing and organizing development?

In the future, can we work in teams?

  • Focus on strengths

Can we get fruit?

If we can find some common ground -

  • Some common purpose
  • A shared understanding of who we are
  • Leaders, directors, and administrators facilitate - help clarify values (not for control)
  • Focus on outcomes (need shared agreement with all 100+)
  • Include contributions
  • Small teams can develop pilot approaches
  • Teams practice applying concepts
  • Targeted on MCB Mission
  • Need to search for commonalties
  • The beginning of a new future
  • Relationships are reinforced
  • Positive conversations are key

Systems can beat us up

  • Our own expectations don't help
  • We are the system
  • We abdicate our power

Can we change the system?

  • Establish pilot offices
  • Positive focus on strengths
  • Balance workloads with skills
  • Modify the structure without power
  • Go ahead and design our own plans
  • Build on values we share
  • Create positive relationships
  • Stop attacks on "The Tower"
  • Stop perpetuating fears
  • Stop using the excuses

Lack of relationships in our offices

Our offices have a negative climate

  • Afraid others won't do jobs
  • Always on the attack
  • Is it the culture?

We have our own belief "towers"

  • Lack vision, relationships, and trust
  • We have our own rules
  • How do we view our own system?

Design systems for teams

  • Align by client interests
  • Define work functions
  • Identify staff strengths
  • Target on outcomes
  • Improve office climate
  • Work on team relations
  • Add clients to design teams
  • Shared focus, meaning, and goal are on consumer
  • Desire is to begin relations

Can we design a pilot office team within dialogue framework that leaves title and status at the door and works to serve clients?

  • In a pilot, all are paid the same
  • Talk to customers
  • Look to future
  • Think about new things
  • Must change - good feeling
  • Things to do to serve people better
  • Create teams to satisfy clients
  • Group interviews
  • Empower people.  Develop new service patterns
  • Pair up to serve
  • Apply an array of our services
  • Take time to get to know each other's strengths
  • Partner to offer services
  • Team decision-making
  • Match strengths to customers
  • Entire ream knows what is happening and information to share
  • If it is a team, all team members can be knowledgeable and provide services
  • Data management is needed
  • Develop a general caseload

How to create a local team when the next level up has different expectations?

How to satisfy all levels in the conversation?

Is it a few staff and a few cases?  Or all staff and all cases?

Are we all resource coordinators?

We shift form position authority to network knowledge

Communication - like the air, everyone owns it

Add a 1 page Tilt before June 11, and put strategic issues and a thumbnail sketch of the circle and how it is enlarging on List Serv. 

Ask - surface some questions

To learn a new way of thinking and a new language

Invitation encouraging people to come June 11th

All are wanted there

Closing offices and school

All are appreciated and welcome

How can we make sure everyone is encouraged?

Draw names and personally invite people to join us

  • Phone chain
  • Personal feelings are most important

Frame it in a positive way

  • List Serv
  • Personal Invitation
  • Whole TEAM is together
  • Not fragmented
  • Meaning - full
  • Open space concept
    • Whoever comes is ok
    • Whenever it starts is ok
    • Whatever they say is ok
    • When it's over, it's over
  • Hopeful that everyone embraces a vision creating process
  • Readiness is a factor
  • "Tilt" is a strategy
  • Enthusiasm is key

Want contributions to FUTURE (STRATEGIC) THINKING

Enlarging the circle

Inclusive design process

New beginnings

Building futures

Actions taken - PDSA: Without action, the words don't mean anything

Willing to put everything on the table for review and redesign

  • Unions invited - Civil Service, DMB
  • Focus on customer service
  • Try many things
  • Bring many stakeholders to the table
  • RSA, WIIA, Rehab. Act, IDEA, etc.  All provide a context for new things to try
  • FIA edicts must be considered
  • Many possibilities exist for things we can tweak or reengineer our systems

What is next step in pilot?

  • Ask and invite
  • Get organized and take stock
  • Create a unique service blend

How do we get all silos together?

How do we create a climate for growth?

  • Link with local partners
  • Overcome fears
  • Support consumers
  • Information sharing
  • Mutual support
  • Imagine services to blind are privatized

What is our plan?

  • How organized and staffed?
  • What scenarios?
  • Focus groups (positive and negative)
  • Get balanced idea about focus groups
  • Clear out our systems
  • Improve direct service
  • Direct action to increase autonomy
  • Link with consumer groups
  • Partnering is key
  • Mutual benefit
  • Networking
  • Focus relationship

Community advocacy

  • MSU Teacher Education
  • CIC/Department of Education, Special Education Rules
  • Work with consumer organizations
  • We are all connected
  • Dialogue can work
  • Embrace threats (do we not embrace threats in everything we do?)
  • No such thing as threats - we only think that way

Opportunities/ Challenges

Next Steps With Pilot

What help exists?

  • Pat, Janet, Gerry, Beth, and Anne

Ask, "Pilot what?"

  • Start simple with new beginnings
  • Advertise a first meeting
  • Apply tilting principles as strategies
  • Use a process
  • Invite others to help
  • Focus on getting to know each other
  • What is shared purpose

Bernie asked for a pilot

Pick a number