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Labor and Economic Opportunity

Vision 2020 Meeting

Notes from the twelfth Vision 2020 Process Design Team meeting

(These notes do not reflect MCB Policy, they reflect ONLY the current learning of the 2020 Process Design Team)

March 22, 2001

DeWitt Conference Center, DeWitt, MI


  • Client focus needs to regain the primary emphasis.
  • Professionals need to provide that focus as a matter of professional integrity using intrinsic motivation.
  • The employees should be role models and receive accommodations that measure and match their need.
  • For quality systems to become an essential approach in MCB, E.M.T. must commit and lead their team members.
  • No questions. All customers, (internal and external) and stakeholders are invited to the 2020 dialogue.
  • QRS/CRS means increasing expectations, contributions and accountability of clients, employees and community partners.
  • Design strategies to involve federal/state expertise in our future dialogue (i.e., Doug Burleigh) and give feedback to stakeholders.

How can we get everyone involved in "rethinking quality" and how we do business with a fundamental shift? One answer is by supporting staff teams that are willing to invest in creating quality systems (i.e., "shared practices in casework") that improve information flow and relationships.

MCB Spirit

How do we engage a team of people in the spirit of 2020/MCB while dealing with the practical/strategic initiatives of MCB and the blind community?

Strategic Initiatives

Acquire 2.7 million in match (2 million is currently in - matches 10 million).

MCB visioning and rethinking quality information.

  • Develop a strategy for involving and informing all stakeholders.

Resource acquisition.

  • Conduct "bake sales" to shame public support.
  • Increased funding.
  • Increased staffing.

Public advocacy awareness?

  • Personal stories.

  • Cost/benefit emphasis.

  • Friends/groups.

  • Platform for progress.

  • ACBVI/NFB partnership.


Action Agenda

  • Commitment to blindness services.

  • Assess needs to create a comprehensive plan for blindness services.

  • Enlarge a 2020 Vision of service system and scope of services.

  • Develop a platform that articulates the need and matches with appropriate services.

  • Identify the next step and make it a concrete package.


The Vision 2020 Process Design Team then asked the following questions:

  • Who is going to do the work?

  • Do we have a 2020 process to take to CIC or can we bring in the CIC to work on Vision 2020?

  • Is 2020 a process or a group of people?

  • How is it being viewed and taken out to the agency?

  • What precision structure are we going to use to implement the products and process (make decisions)? B/C - there is no structure of the entire group (we are fragment).

  • Is there a way of inclusion that does not require everyone in the room, all the time, but is clearer than the notes?

  • What is our value and purpose? Who are we? What do we do? Why do we do it? How are we doing it? This is about taking stock in who we are.

  • Can we design a meeting for the CIC (4-30-01) which is based on 2020 principles/structure?

  • Can we use the CIC tool in our process - the consumer report card?

  • Who do we need to ask?

  • Use a new tool: provide 13 questions on List Serv on self-assessment that ties into starter guide with 7 leadership categories.

  • Propose to create new design teams to work on the issues.

  • Make the abstract concept of budget $ into the reality of how it impacts MCB services, blind consumers and staffing.

Suggested Structure and Agenda for CIC Meeting on 4/30 in Kalamazoo MCBTC

  • Dialogue circle guidelines.
  • Open dialogue on visioning the future.
  • Increase awareness/understanding how the abstract budget impacts the reality of MCB (services/consumers).

Expectations for this meeting

  • To determine how/if we want to go forward in partnership in 2020 process - taking stock/planning.
  • To orientate them to the 2020 process. * 2 hour block of time. Invited to participate in entire meeting.

Flint Meeting on May 9 & 10

  • Orientation to 2020 process needed? Yes, if we are inviting people who have not been a part of the process before.
  • How can we change the perception of 'going to Flint'?
  • Who can help organize and get involved in the meeting to plan it? Flint office, Saginaw, Illinois, MSB, commissioners (local), low vision providers and community partners.
  • Dialogue: visioning.
  • Can we talk about the ELEPHANT(S) in THE room? Can we identify all the elephants? Can we be honest? Are we ready?
  • Who will work on a design team for Flint? Cindy, Bob, Bernie, Janet and Flint office

Next MCB EMG and 2020 Process Design Team Meeting

  • Dates to be announced. Dates to be given to Larry Best. We have not found any dates that would work to meet in April, but we invited EMG to Flint for a 2020 meeting in May.
  • Do people really want to be involved in the dialogue to design the process or do people want to have it done for them so that they can just implement the process?
  • If we focus on the outcomes, can we do what is needed to address the issues: money, quality, etc.?