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Labor and Economic Opportunity

Vision 2020 Meeting

Notes from the eighth Vision 2020 Process Design Team meeting

(These notes do not reflect MCB Policy, they reflect ONLY the current learning of the 2020 Process Design Team)

October 4-6, 2000

First Draft of Core Values and Principles A large number of staff and stakeholders from across the state participated in the two day 2020 visioning meeting in Detroit.  They identified a beginning set of ideas and values that the whole group described as ideas to live by as we go forward in partnership to redesign MCB systems and services.  This first draft or first iteration of values and principles is listed below: 1.  Dialogue - circles reflect unified thinking

  • To build trust with an approach that creates safe space to connect with each other, think and learn
  • To open up MCB systems and communications
  • To keep up the momentum for change
  • To energize the system with new ideas
  • To explore new scenarios/potential possibilities
  • To equalize the power and status differences so all are free to speak and relate in new ways
  • To use good etiquette on the list serv and memos
  • To report on progress and tell everyone about the effects of 2020 on systems improvement
  • To develop an orientation program so all can learn Dialogue and get practice in effectively using it
  • To orient employees to the purpose of 2020
  • To demonstrate commitment to new processes
  • To create one supportive approach to MCB futures
2.  Trust - relationships are all there is
  • No people-bashing, focus on systems improvement
  • Need confirmation that 2020 means people first
  • Continuity and stability are people issues when you try to change the whole structure of MCB
  • Give long-range calendar so people can schedule and get involved with 2020 if they wish to attend
  • Use pilot processes that let people know it is safe to experiment, explore, and investigate new options
  • Pilot new approaches at MCBTC and local offices
  • Use the PDSA cycle that we have been taught by CQI so we all learn how to do pilots and recycle
  • Learn collaboration techniques so we can partner
  • People feel disconnected from management; we need more information sharing, visioning, and mutual planning as ways to develop more trust
3.  Holistic - integrated systems are key
  • Clarify relationships throughout MCB
  • Stop fragmenting people and offices; show them how to relate to each other as an integrated team
  • Collaboration within teams/partners is essential
  • Seek common ground and mutual identity
  • Power people need to relate to 2020 and commit to informing people throughout MCB that we are all together on this venture to share ideas and grow
  • Need open forums where all staff can focus on finding new ways of resolving issues and sharing ideas
  • Focus on the future will help us get past old thinking and get involved in developing new ways
4.  Inclusive - consumers drive system design
  • MCB needs systems that include consumers and partners in planning and designing MCB futures
  • Involve the whole MCB community; open up new MCB planning processes that involve customers
  • Share information with everyone all of the time
  • Invite staff and consumers to participate in all offices so we have customer responsive systems
  • NO SECRETS; ask what people want and need
  • Encourage people to share information on a reciprocal basis so teams and partners can align
5.  TILTing - teamwork is our focus
  • Need an identity pin as a team identifier
  • Web site and list serv are starting to work
  • TILT is creating awareness of the paradigm shift idea, from top down to inside-out teams
  • Need to inform all staff to use Dialogue Guidelines on list serv to emphasize courtesy and respect
  • Need to develop a draft 2020 Progress Report for EMT so all the results and products can be described and clarified for the whole agency
  • List of 2020 products: Web site, 2020 principles and values, meeting notes, TILT newsletter, developed local 2020 teams, did long and short-term visioning in Lansing, Kalamazoo, Detroit, and Grand Rapids is next.  We are designing a process for visioning and future goal setting.  We are starting a paradigm shift to open MCB thinking.
  • Productivity hasn't gone down even though the new computer system slows us down, stress is high, there is less flexibility, and 2020 takes time
  • Involve everyone in long and short-term planning
  • Professional standards need to be set by teams
  • Federal/State outcome standards need to be met
  • Negotiate mutual agreements with partners
  • Create a new resource mix to allow new growth
6.  Involving - people are energized
  • Invite 2020 into all offices and all communities
  • Involve local staff, partners, and consumers in a series of conversations focused on the future
  • Encourage people to envision innovative futures
  • Invite people to participate in designing futures
  • Ask for commitments as we go forward together
  • Grand Rapids is planned for next 2020 visioning where they will meet with the local Employment Assistance Group.  Encourage all to get involved
  • Employment Assistance Group wants Dialogue Circle training in February, 2001
  • Create a process where people can vision and feel more involved and less controlled by limitations
  • Power flows in sync with new connections
7.  Sharing Vision - it flows from inside
  • MCB connections inside and outside the agency need to be looked at so we all know what direction we should be going in, making decisions together
  • Need to start thinking together about what we want our MCB systems to be like, then get aligned
  • Need to deepen relationships and feel connected
  • Need to link with all the other MCB committees, sense their directions, and begin to match the flow
  • People feel disconnected from MCB management
  • New MCB planning processes need to be factored into the future designs of MCB from the inside out
  • Need to clarify if 2020 is supposed to do strategic planning too, as well as visioning
  • Saginaw Community has a vision process that has involved over 600 people in planning for the future
  • Vision 2020 needs to look into that and do it too
8.  Balancing - links quality and productivity
  • Productivity needs to be balanced across all types of caseloads and levels of difficulty
  • Variation should be factored into the mix
  • Push quality every time we push productivity
  • Need to plan for WIIA program and other new legislation so we are prepared for the future
  • Find a way to match productivity with outcomes
  • Get everyone involved in setting the standards
  • Match both quality and quantity standards
  • Link positive reinforcement with standards
  • Amount of MCB funding is based on population data and we must conform to federal regulations
  • Begin to search for options and new resources
  • Link with the Communications committee and the Consumer Involvement Committee to bridge some old ideas about productivity and get into quality
9.  Learning - a new organization strategy
  • Need to stay on the rolling edge of chaos/learning
  • Continuous learning is where the future is
  • Confusion will keep MCB on the Rolling Edge
  • Everyone needs to be continuously learning
  • Avoid criticism and blame to foster growth
  • Eliminate negative processes and develop positive ones instead
  • All can CHOOSE TO LEARN and LEAD
  • Need to think outside the box (get rid of the box)
  • Create a new way of thinking about and designing systems that are moving, evolving, and growing
  • Stretch MCB thinking and system limits to the maximum in order to check flexibility and increase learning
10.  Evolving - systems continuously improve
  • Adopt a continuous improvement model (PDSA)
  • Involve every unit in planning their own futures
  • Have Employee-Centered Goal Planning
  • Design our own relationships between regions
  • Tell everyone they are invited to get involved
  • Design our own MCB Person-Centered Planning and develop a whole new system of team based relationships and supports as we grow forward
  • Create new teams and work groups to explore the highest quality service combinations for MCB and tailor them to local conditions around the state
  • Don't get hung up on the number 250 . . . it is only an arbitrary target requested by FIA/legislature
  • Managers are asked to involve all staff in clarifying what is needed to achieve quality goals, not to reach some arbitrary number
  • Staff members should be aware of 2020 principles and values and then apply them using our best judgement on a daily basis to everything we do.
  • Remember our overall goal is quality job placements and quality independent living services
11.  Exploring Possibilities - seeking options
  • Real people conversations that interrelate everyone in a systems redesign process that is ongoing
  • Can we call this version of our MCB renewal an Intrinsically Motivated Quality Design Process?
  • Factor into our thinking all performance aspects, including resources, time, budgets, assistive technology, outside vendors, and other resources
  • Stem the flow of negativity - drive out fear
  • Stay positive . . . how we think is a choice
  • Share ideas, tough cases, leads, employers, and resources; work together
  • Use relationships to deal with tough work
  • Appreciate all the contributions of all the people
  • Explore various scenarios and options then choose
  • Include creative alternatives in our decision processes and stay open to all9ow for learning to take place in the true spirit of PDSA
  • Shift away from controls and focus on quality
  • Identify tools and techniques to improve quality
  • Everything we think and do is about staying at the rolling edge of attitude
  • It is about celebrating all we do together
  • It is about getting MCB attitude!
12.  Imagining - re-framing as whole systems
  • Think of weaving a whole group of shared goals and purposes together into a new service mix
  • Include partners in our visioning and planning
  • When outside expertise is needed, we respond with respect for our partners and recognize those who have become strong allies over the years
  • Our relationships and shared connections must include others and should include matching resources where it is mutually beneficial to all
  • Remember to Dream
  • Invite potential partners to 2020 visioning sessions
  • Need to consciously integrate services with allies
  • Investigate the models in other states and agencies to refine and improve MCB systems and services to meet customer interests and needs
  • Use Dialogue principles for relating to blindness
  • Recommend that a new task force be formed to imagine quality service systems - design an open systems model to deliver seamless services
  • Expand our conversations to integrate all we do within a holistic context of the nature of blindness
  • Honor all who come and imagine together
  • Einstein's quote:  "Imagination is more important than intelligence."