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The Bureau of Services for Blind Persons (BSBP) provides businesses expert assistance to maximize the success of employers in the acquisition of talent.  BSBP’s vocational counselors are located in seven offices spread across the state and possess experience partnering with both large and small businesses to match qualified candidates with the specific skill needs of an employer.  

When you hire an individual who is blind or visually impaired, you might be interested to know that people with disabilities have been shown to have higher retention rates and generally perform at average or above average in quality and quantity of work, flexibility and attendance.

Blind or visually impaired individuals with the proper accommodations and supports work in many industries, retail environments and professional offices.    Our qualified counselors assess the need for workplace accommodations and supports and will inform the employer of the BSBP provided accommodations and supports and assist the employer with customizing the work environment.  Technology has advanced significantly and there is almost no task or career that a blind or visually impaired person cannot perform.

The Business Services brochure is offered online in Microsoft Word format (text only), PDF format (with photos), or audio (MP3).


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