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Labor and Economic Opportunity

DeafBlind Services

The (Michigan) Bureau of Services for Blind Persons provides statewide Vocational Rehabilitation services and/or Independent Living consultations to adults and high school students who are legally blind and have moderate to profound hearing loss. 

Some of the more common causes for the dual-sensory impairment of DeafBlindness are: 

  • Usher syndrome, types I, II, or III 
  • CHARGE association 
  • Congenital deafness with later vision loss 
  • Congenital blindness with later hearing loss 
  • Congenital rubella syndrome 
  • Fetal alcohol syndrome 
  • Brain tumor or other serious illness or injury 
  • Aging process 

DeafBlind individuals can contact the Bureau's DeafBlind Unit directly for services or be referred by family members, friends, physicians, employers, teachers, or others. 

Services that may be provided include: 

  • Training 
    • Vocational rehabilitation 
    • Sign language 
    • Activities of daily living 
    • Orientation and mobility 
    • Assistive technology 
  • Consultation 
  • Job placement services 
  • Transition services and college accommodations  
  • In-service presentations to groups: 
    • Group homes 
    • Families 
    • Day programs 
    • Agencies 
    • Community service organizations 
    • Community rehabilitation facilities 
  • Business services for employers with DeafBlind employees, to keep experienced employees on the job after sight and hearing loss 
  • Employment--People who are DeafBlind are successfully employed in many occupations, including these, to name only a few:
    • Author/writer 
    • Computer programmer 
    • Factory worker 
    • Florist 
    • Food service worker 
    • Health care worker 
    • Hotel housekeeper 
    • IRS tax examiner 
    • Janitor 
    • Laundry worker 
    • Medical records transcriptionist 
    • Phlebotomist 
    • Rehabilitation counselor 
    • Retail worker 
    • Teacher 

For more information: 

DeafBlind Services, (Michigan) Bureau of Services for Blind Persons 
702 West Kalamazoo Street
P.O. Box 30007
Lansing, MI 48909
517-241-1100 (voice); 800-292-4200 (voice, toll-free) 
517-241-1092 (TTY); 888-864-1212 (TTY, toll-free)