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Labor and Economic Opportunity

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Requirements

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) allows data scanning from paper forms. Pursuant to MCL 418.221, the Agency requires that forms 100, 104A, 107, 701, 400 and 401 filed must match exactly those forms found on the Workers' Disability Compensation Agency website, including but not limited to language, block space and positioning, font and dimension. In addition, when data is input into the various forms an Arial 10 point font must be used, with each field limited to one line of data. As a result, these process changes require data to be in very specific locations to prevent future problems. This leaves little tolerance for location variation. 

Forms not complying with these requirements will be rejected and returned unprocessed. Forms cannot be faxed and cannot be handwritten. All forms must be mailed or submitted through the File Transfer Service (FTS). The FTS Application provides further information.

Questions regarding these requirements should be directed to Andy Neumann at 517-284-8914.