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Hospital Ratios - Present and Past

The Health Care Services Division publishes hospital ratios annually. The agency calculates the ratios based on a hospital's annual fiscal year financial information provided to the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS). The latest available data from MDHHS will be utilized to compile these ratios. Beginning in 2014, the Health Care Services Division will publish hospital cost-to-charge ratios in July of each year.

Hospital Cost-to-Charge Ratios

2021 Effective 9/23/21

2020 Effective 8/31/20 updated 02/11/21

2019 Effective 8/8/19

2018 Effective 8/1/18

2017 Effective 8/1/17

2016 Effective 8/1/16

2015 Effective 8/4/15

2014 Effective 8/22/14