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Labor and Economic Opportunity

Miscellaneous Questions

Are my workers' compensation claims records open to the public?
In general, they are not open to the public, in accordance with the Workers' Disability Compensation Act (WDCA). The WCDA states that records relating to the claim of an individual worker and financial information concerning self-insured employers are confidential. However, there are some exceptions to this confidentiality, such as records of contested cases (cases that have been, or are currently being litigated) are public records.

Can I find out if my employer has workers' compensation insurance?
Yes. There are two ways to find this information:

  1. The Insurance Coverage Lookup link on the Workers' Disability Compensation Agency website provides a search function by employer name and location.
  2. Call the Insurance Compliance Division of the Workers’ Compensation Agency at 517-284-8922.

Are workers protected if an employer or an insurance company goes bankrupt?
Yes. There are two provisions in the law to protect workers in the event of bankruptcies. The Self-Insurers' Security Fund is funded by assessments on other private self-insured employers. Should a private self-insured employer go bankrupt, the Self-Insurers' Security Fund has the responsibility to make payments to injured workers. Should this occur, it is very important that the injured worker give notice of his or her claim to the Self-Insurers' Security Fund immediately. There is also a guaranty association which assumes responsibility if an insurance carrier is liquidated.