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Labor and Economic Opportunity

Proprietary Schools

Proprietary School Training Programs

Proprietary Schools are licensed, and programs approved, by LEO-E&T’s Proprietary School Unit (PSU). PSU also approves education corporations and in- and out-of-state long-distance education schools. Many of these institutions submit program data to LEO-E&T’s Michigan Training Connect (MiTC) to accept federal training funds administered through the Michigan Works! Agencies.

Proprietary School programs, Career and Technical Education programs and High School Equivalency programs are considered Learning Opportunities as they do not issue credentials but offer valuable training that allows their completers to test for state or national certifications.

Participation in the Michigan Credential Engine project for Proprietary Schools includes:

  1.  Automated creation of an organization account and administrator account(s) for identified school administration contacts, as identified from official state directories by LEO-E&T.
    1. The administrators receive a Credential Registry system notification with instructions on how to access their account and assign other appropriate administrators.
    2. The administrators review their account and data to be published on the Credential Registry.
  2. Proprietary Schools review program details and identify the connection to state or national credentials available to students.
    1. Programs and alterations need to be approved by LEO-E&T PSU; Proprietary Schools cannot audit their information. Changes made within the PSU system will update to the Credential Registry.