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Labor and Economic Opportunity

Colleges and Universities

College and University Degrees and Certificates 

Public and private non-profit community colleges and universities submit program data to the state through many systems such as the Center for Educational Performance and Information (CEPI), Student Transcript and Academic Record Repository (STARR) and  for federal Perkins-funded post-secondary Career and Technical Education.
Basic data is relayed through many reporting systems and the Pathfinder website. 

Participation in the Michigan Credential Engine project for colleges and universities includes:

  1. Automated creation of an organization account and administrator account(s) for identified school administration contacts, as identified from official state directories.
    1. The administrators receive a Credential Registry system notification with instructions on how to access their account and assign other administrators.
  2. Ability to approve their account and data to be published on the Credential Registry and supplement their school and program data at any time. 
  3. Identification and verification of non-degree programs’ connections to state or national credentials available to students as a result of the preparation provided.
  4. Access to other programs offered with other colleges or organizations, badges or micro-badges.