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Labor and Economic Opportunity

Registered Apprenticeships

Registered Apprenticeship Programs

In partnership with the U.S. Department of Labor – Michigan Office of Apprenticeship (DOL), LEO-E&T is working with sponsors of Registered Apprenticeships to identify credentials embedded within Registered Apprenticeship Programs (RAP). At the end of every Registered Apprenticeship, the apprentice receives a Certificate of Completion of an Apprenticeship issued by DOL. Prior to this certification, apprentices receive training that often leads to additional licenses and certifications, sometimes including college-issued credits or certificates, state or nationally issued licenses or certifications or union-issued Journeyworker credentials.

Inclusion of Registered Apprenticeship opportunities on the Credential Registry will increase transparency of skills learned within a RAP, as well as promote programs to those looking for a career. LEO-E&T’s goal to expand RAPs throughout the state and increase the number of apprentices and program support, will be aided by communicating their benefits through the Credential Registry. 

Data regarding Registered Apprenticeship Sponsors and their programs are limited to those that submit programs to the state’s Eligible Training Provider List (ETPL), on Michigan Training Connect (MiTC). This data will be uploaded on the Sponsor’s behalf for inclusion.

Participation in the Michigan Credential Engine project for Registered Apprenticeship Sponsors includes:

  1. Automated creation of an organization account and administrator account(s) for identified Sponsor administration contacts, as identified from official directories by LEO-E&T.
    1. The administrators receive a Credential Registry system notification with instructions on how to access their account and assign other appropriate administrators.
    2. The administrators review their account and data to be published on the Credential Registry. 
  2. Review of program details and identification of the connection to state or national credentials available to apprentices.
  3. As programs are approved by DOL’s Michigan Office of Apprenticeship and sourced from the MiTC, changes made within that system will update the Credential Registry.