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Talent Development Liaisons

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    The Talent Development Liaisons (TDLs) are responsible for engaging employers and educators to comprehensively address talent needs focused on mid- and long-term development skill gaps in key industries in each region statewide.

    The three Cs of a TDL: Connect, Coordinate, Convene

    The 3Cs of a TDL, Connect, Coordinate, Convene

    Use all opportunities to bring together employers and educators to develop strong partnerships.

    Coordinate resources, both internal and external to design solutions to talent-related problems.

    Bring all assets and partners to the table to create solutions.

    The TDLs serve as connectors, coordinators, and conveners to ensure employers and educators develop strong partnerships regardless of which partner, or organization, they engage with initially. Each TDL serves as a subject matter expert for an industry sector and provides statewide sector specific technical assistance.

    By developing innovative approaches to recruitment, training and retention strategies, through collaborative problem solving, creating unique approaches to career pathways, and proactive recruiting, TIA assesses and addresses Michigan employers’ demand for talent to ensure workforce stability and offers holistic solutions for employers.

    Available resources: Innovative Recruitment > Training > Retention Strategies

  • Talent Development Liaisons Guiding Principles
    • Ensure employers have access to talent and talent-related services.
    • Facilitate strategic employer/education partnerships to address talent needs.
    • Coordinate joint and strategic outreach to employers.
    • Collaborative talent problem-solving, creating unique approaches to career pathways, including recruitment, training, and retention.
    • Exhibit in-depth understanding of programs and services in order to utilize for successful outcomes for employers.

Talent Development Liaisons

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