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Labor and Economic Opportunity

Licensing & Examinations

Licensing or Certification demonstrates an individual’s possession of the knowledge or skill required to enter into, maintain, or advance in employment in a predetermined and identified vocation or profession. Having licensing or certification tests officially approved, lets Veterans and other beneficiaries receive reimbursement for test-taking costs. State or local licensing approval requirements are minimal. Nongovernmental organization, tests must be generally accepted within the industry, must have existed for at least two years, and must meet other requirements. The VA sends test-taking payments directly to VA beneficiaries and not to the organization. 


The SAA shall only approve the application of an organization to provide each license test when such organization is found upon investigation and inspection to meet the criteria as set forth below.
Please note: L&E approval applies to testing only. If you are seeking approval for training, please visit non-college degree school information.

  • The organization maintains appropriate records with respect to all candidates who take such a test for a period of no less than 3 years.
  • The organization promptly issues notice of the results of the test to the candidate for the license or certificate. The organization must also have in place a process to review complaints submitted against the organization with respect to a test the organization offers or the process for obtaining a license or certificate required for vocations or professions.
  • The organization must furnish VA the details of individual tests upon request including personal identifying information, fee payment, and test results. Such information shall be furnished in the form prescribed by VA and may include submission by paper, email, or other electronic means.
  • Upon request, the organization will make all appropriate records pertaining to the test data of veterans or other eligible persons under title 38, U.S.C., available for examination by VA or its representatives.
  • The certification test must be generally accepted in accordance with relevant government, business, or industry standards, employment policies, or hiring practices as attesting to a level of knowledge or skill required to enter into, maintain or advance in employment in a particular vocation or profession.
  • The organization must be licensed, chartered, or incorporated in the state of Michigan and has offered such tests for a minimum of two years before the date of the signature on the application.
  • The organization employs or consults with individuals with expertise or substantial experience with respect to all areas of knowledge or skill that are measured by the test and that are required for the license or certificate issued.
  • The organization must not have any direct financial interest in the outcome of the test or the organizations that provide the education or training of candidates for licenses or certificates required for vocations or professions.