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Labor and Economic Opportunity

Agricultural Employment Services

Female seasonal agriculture worker smiling with collard greens in hands

Michigan's Diverse Agricultural industry is a crucial part of our State's economy with over 300 commodities, harvested from roughly 47,000 farms, with over 10 million acres of farmland across the state.

Michigan is a large producer of livestock and dairy which has the greatest economic impact at $5.13 billion, followed by the field crops with an economic impact of $5.12 billion.

Michigan's food and agriculture system is a large portion of this state’s workforce. Total employment resulting from this sector is approximately 805,000, which accounts for about 17 percent of the state’s employment. The food and agriculture industry contributes $104.7 billion annually to the state’s economy.

In 2018, Michigan exported $1.98 billion in food and agricultural products. Michigan’s top export markets are Canada, Mexico, Japan, South Korea, and China. Every $1 in export activity generates another $2.87 in economic activity, meaning Michigan’s total agriculture exports of $1.98 billion have a local impact of an additional $5.6 billion.

Agricultural Employment Services provides employment and training services to Employers and Migrant and Seasonal Farmworkers (MSFWs) to facilitate referrals between employers seeking workers, and workers seeking employment. Outreach services are provided by Agricultural Employment Liaisons (AELs) who spend the majority of their workday performing outreach services focused on informing agricultural employers and MSFWs of the full range of employment and training services available at their local One-Stop Career Center and referring them to appropriate support services. 

The Office of Foreign Labor Services reviews all applications for H-2A temporary labor certification of foreign agricultural workers to ensure compliance with state and federal regulations, while preventing the displacement of domestic workers.

The State Monitor Advocate is a federal/state monitoring system that ensures MSFW’s have equitable access to career services, skill development, and workforce protections offered by Michigan Works! One-Stop Career Centers, so they may improve their living and working conditions.

Click here for contact list of AELs.