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Labor and Economic Opportunity

Cabinetmaking/Millwork Program

MCTI student building a woodworking project
Program Description
MCTI’s Cabinetmaking/Millwork Program is home to the Midwest Advanced Woodworking Technology Center. This program is one of the most technically advanced in the country. Students learn how to use woodworking machinery and software. Individual and production projects help students develop their skill and knowledge. Students earn national credentials through the Woodworking Career Alliance (WCA).
Depending on skills, ability, & interests, students can participate up to 6 terms.
Job Options 
  • Woodworking Machine Operator I
  • Woodworking Machine Operator II
  • Woodworking Machine Operator III
  • Technical Machine Operator
  • Cabinetmaker/Bench Carpenter

Job Outlook 
The industry has a great need for skilled workers. Starting pay may range from the current minimum wage to a higher amount depending on the location of the job.
  • Handle physically demanding work
  • Calculate measurements
  • Make good judgments
  • Complete detailed work
  • Strong mechanical aptitude
  • Average learning ability
  • Average finger & manual dexterity
  • Average form perceptio

Cabinetmaking/Millwork Admission Requirements: None.
Please review the 2019 – 2020 Cabinetmaking/Millwork Curriculum Guide for more detailed information.