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Labor and Economic Opportunity

Grounds Maintenance and Landscaping

MCTI student in grounds maintenance and landscaping program

Program Description

MCTI’s Grounds Maintenance and Landscaping Program is runlike a small ground’s maintenance and landscaping business. Students are the crew and work as a team, gaining actual experience on the school campus. They use power equipment and hand tools to maintain lawns and other areas; trim and prune hedges and bushes; and plant trees, shrubs, and flowers. In the winter months, they are exposed to snow and ice removal using plows. The “crew” maintains the equipment used. Students also study pesticides and irrigation.

Job Options

  • General Maintenance Worker
  • General Maintenance Landscape Technician

Depending on skills, ability, & interests, students can participate in 2 terms.

New students in the Grounds Maintenance and Landscaping program are accepted in the fall and spring terms only.

Job Outlook
Job opportunities increase after completion of training. Starting pay may range from the current minimum wage to a higher amount depending on the location of the job.


  • Ability to work independently outside
  • Stand and walk for an eight-hour day
  • Handle physically demanding work and lift frequently
  • Low to fair manual dexterity and motor coordination
  • Ability to follow written/oral instructions
  • Ability to prioritize tasks and self-observe quality of work
  • Effective interpersonal communication skills

Students who most closely match the U.S. Department of Labor occupational profile for a Groundskeeper are accepted for enrollment.

Please review the 2019 – 2020 General Maintenance and Landscaping Curriculum Guide for more detailed information.