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Resident Hall Living

Interior of dorm room view on MCTI campus

Students who live on the MCTI campus will find the dormitory, cafeteria, classrooms, library, and health and leisure services all housed in the same building--an especially convenient feature during Michigan winters.

The dormitory, which can accommodate 350 students, has the following features:

  • Each dormitory room is double occupancy, four students to a suite.
  • Each suite has its own bathroom.
  • Each room is supplied 2 beds and shares a bathroom.
  • For reference the Dorm Rooms are 12 ft. x 11 ft. and closet is 7 ft. long x 2 ft. wide.
  • Security and supervisory staff are on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Each room has a ceiling fan.
  • Each room has its own private telephone line, with unlimited local call use. (Students must use personal calling cards for long distance calls.)
  • Free WiFi in the dorms.
  • Students must bring towels bedding, toiletries, etc. Cleaning supplies, garbage bags, and toilet paper are available in the Canteen.

The cafeteria adjacent to the dormitory offers these services:

  • Meal tickets are included in tuition, room and board.
  • Twenty-one (21) meals are provided each week.
  • A wide variety of food is served, and there is an unlimited salad, soup, beverage, and dessert bar.
  • Special diets and "Heart Smart" meals are available.
  • Visitor meal tickets may be purchased at a nominal charge.

For students without their own automobile, MCTI provides the following round-trip transportation at no charge:

  • To the Kalamazoo bus/train station
  • To local shopping areas
  • To off-campus medical facilities
  • To off-campus Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous activities

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