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Entering Your PIN

When you call MARVIN for the first time, you must enter your chosen PIN (Personal Identification Number). This is how to enter your PIN. 


MARVIN will begin your process as follows:


MARVIN: Welcome to Michigan's Automated Response Voice Interactive Network. You can call me MARVIN!

CUSTOMER: If you are using a touch-tone phone -- please press 1 now.

MARVIN: To claim weeks of unemployment -- Press 1.

To inquire -- Press 2

To listen to helpful hints about MARVIN -- Press 3.

To complete the Eligibility Review Process (ERP) -- Press 4 (available Thursdays and Fridays only).

If you wish to end this call at any time, just hang up.

CUSTOMER: Make your selection by pressing 1,2, 3 or 4 on your telephone keypad.

MARVIN: Please enter your Social Security Number now.

CUSTOMER: Enter your nine-digit Social Security Number now.

MARVIN: Please enter your chosen four-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) now.

CUSTOMER: Enter your four-digit PIN.

MARVIN: Please re-enter your chosen four-digit Personal Identification Number."

CUSTOMER: Re-enter the same four-digit number to confirm. MARVIN will allow you three attempts to confirm your PIN. If you cannot do so by the third try, MARVIN will refer you to your booklet and disconnect. Once you have confirmed your PIN, MARVIN will say:

MARVIN: Your Personal Identification Number is accepted. You should use this four-digit number each time you call.

Once you have successfully entered your PIN, MARVIN will begin the selected process.