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Employer Filed Claims (EFC)

The Benefits To Employers For Joining Employer Filed Claims (EFC)

Employer Filed Claims is a service for employers who:

  • Have at least one mass layoff a year
  • Have at least 100 full-time, permanent employees who file for unemployment benefits at least once a year
  • Have a Michigan Web Account Manager (MIWAM) account

By participating in the EFC program, you can submit unemployment claims information online on behalf of your full-time workers who are temporarily or permanently laid off.  This fast, secure way of transferring claims information allows you to better manage the accuracy of the information provided to TIA-UI. Using EFC also means you will have a record of all approved layoffs to match against incoming unemployment charges to your account.

A few additional benefits available to EFC program participants:

  • Access to an exclusive team of UIA customer service professionals to answer your questions and walk you through the process;
  • A temporary waiver of the work registration requirement may be available to assist employers with workforce retention efforts during short-term layoffs; and
  • On-site informational meetings and helpful resource materials are available for employers and their workers prior to a known layoff.

How do I sign up?

If you are an employer interested in this program, please contact the EFC unit at or call 1-855-484-2636. Staff can provide the file specifications and review the EFC process with you.

*The Unemployment Insurance Agency Administrative Rule 421.210, which was amended in April 2002, states "that in the case of an employer whose workers have filed either 1,000 or more new claims or additional claims, or both, in each of the previous 3 calendar years, the employer shall file claims on behalf of the workers, in a manner prescribed by the agency."