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  • Creating Your MiLogin Account

Creating Your MILogin Before Setting Up Your MiWAM Account

  • You must first create a MILogin account before you can set up your MiWAM account

    MiLogin allows you to access many state services and systems online, across multiple departments, using a single User ID and password.

    When creating your MILogin account, you’ll be asked to provide a unique email address and/or mobile phone number before you are able to complete your account setup. The email or phone number cannot be shared with another user.

To create your MILogin account

  • To create your MiLogin account:

    From the UIA home page,, click on File for Unemployment Benefits, then Sign In With MILogin.

    If you have already created a MiLogin account with another department, use your existing user ID and password to log in to the MiLogin portal.


    Enter your Profile Information.

Input and verify email address and phone number

  • You will be asked to input and verify your email address and mobile phone number.

    It is recommended that you include both an email address and a mobile phone number. The email address or mobile number should be unique. This means they cannot be in use by an existing user.

    Having a unique email and mobile number will allow you to reset your own password or retrieve a forgotten username without having to call UIA.

    • You will be sent a one-time pin at your email address or your mobile phone to verify. You will need to enter the PIN before you are able to continue.


    Next you will create your User ID and password and select your security options.


Security Options

  • Select Security Options

    • It is recommended that you use multiple security options (email, mobile and security questions) so you can regain access to your MiLogin account if you forget your password.
    • If you chose email and mobile, these options will automatically be selected.
    • You also have the option to add security questions.

MiWAM Registration

  • After you have completed the security options section, you’ll be forwarded to MiWAM to complete your registration.

    For a step by step video on How to Set up your MiWAM account, and other Instructional videos, visit the UIA homepage at