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Labor and Economic Opportunity


  • Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation

Update - January 30, 2021

Update - March 2021

  • PEUC provides an extension of benefits to claimants who have exhausted all rights to regular unemployment.

    The American Rescue Plan extends federal unemployment benefit programs to Sept. 4, 2021

    • PEUC is extended from 24 to 53 weeks and is payable through the week ending Sept. 4, 2021
    • Claimants who exhausted their previous entitlement (on or before March 13, 2021) will be able to reopen their claim to receive up to an additional 29 weeks of benefits, payable beginning March 20, 2021. Weeks are not payable after Sept. 4, 2021, even if there are weeks remaining on the PEUC claim.
    • Claimants will receive notification in their MiWAM account or by mail alerting them to the availability of the additional weeks. See below for further instructions.
    • Workers on regular state UI benefits will not receive the PEUC extension automatically. An application for the extension is required. Once a worker has exhausted their state UI benefits, they will need to log into their MiWAM and click on "Additional Information Required - click here to file an extension" to apply for PEUC.

    Reopening Your Claim for Benefits

How to Reopen a PEUC Claim

  • To reopen your claim,

    1. Log into your MiWAM. 

    • If under alerts “You have benefit weeks to certify” is displayed, there is no need to reopen your PEUC claim. Please follow the steps to certify.

    2. Under Alerts, click on "Additional Information Required – Click Here to File an Extension.”


    If no link is displayed under alerts, please go to Steps  to Reopen Your Claim  and follow the steps under Option 2 to reopen your claim.

Fill out application

  • 3. Fill out the PEUC reopen application completely

    • NOTE: Step 3 of the application “Additional Info” will first ask if you want your claim to begin on xx/xx/2021. If you need to certify for weeks prior to this date, please select No.
    • After selecting No, a new question will ask “when do you want your claim to begin?” Please select the date appropriate for your situation. Most likely this will be the date immediately following your last certification date.

    4. Click submit and receive confirmation.

    NOTE: The certification date displayed on the confirmation page may reflect a future date. If needed, you will be able to certify for past weeks.

    Certifications may display immediately or may take time to generate. 

    For more details and videos on how to reopen your claim, please see Steps to Reopen Your claim.

    Please allow time for the system to update once you've taken an action like reopening or certifying.