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Labor and Economic Opportunity

My employer offered for me to return to work, but I cannot return to work because my child's summer day care was cancelled due to COVID-19. Am I still eligible to get unemployment benefits?

You are eligible to continue to receive unemployment benefits if you no longer have access to customary childcare arrangement and there is no reasonable alternative of childcare available. The is a fact specific inquiry and is determined on a case-by-case basis by the Agency. The Agency will consider whether the employee has documented attempts to secure alternative childcare, if there is alternative childcare available, distance between the pre-COVID-19 childcare compared to alternative childcare, and cost difference between pre-COVID-19 childcare compared to alternative childcare. The Agency will not consider the type of curriculum of the pre-COVID-19 childcare compared to alternative childcare, absent a showing that curriculum is medically necessary. The Agency considers reasonable childcare alternatives that are currently operational and in compliance with state law and guidance, as well as disaster relief childcare centers authorized by the Governor’ Executive Order.