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Labor and Economic Opportunity

What should I do if my employer offers for me to come back to work and I refuse?

You should indicate on your biweekly certification through your MiWAM Account that your employer offered you to return to work and that you refused to return to work. You should include the reason(s) for refusing to return to work with as much detail as you can provide.

The Agency will undergo a case-by-case analysis to determine if you had “good cause” to refuse your employer’s offer of work. If the Agency finds you had good cause, you will likely continue to receive unemployment benefits. If the Agency finds you did not have good cause to refuse to return to work, you will likely have to pay back certain unemployment benefits from the date you refused until a decision is made and you will likely not be eligible for benefits going forward. Both employees and employers have a right to contest and appeal the Agency’s decisions about employees’ eligibility for benefits.