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Labor and Economic Opportunity

What does "additional claim required" mean?

If you encounter Additional Claim required, this means the claim is suspended and the claimant must reactivate the claim for payment. There can be several circumstances in which your claim will close and you need to file an additional claim. When this happens, you cannot continue to certify; you must reopen your claim by filing an additional claim.

Filing an additional claim is required when:

  • If you are in continuous certification status and then stop because you have returned to full-time work or stopped certifying for any other reason. 
  • If you have waived more than two weeks in a row.
  • If you report a separation or eligibility issue during certification. Additional fact-finding will be required and a separate determination will be issued.
  • If you have weeks in which your earnings are more than 1.5 times your weekly benefit amount (WBA).

If you see "Additional Claim Required" on your certification, go to your account page, click the "View all Claims" hyperlink then you will see under alerts "File an additional claim." You will be taken to the Reopen/Additional claim filing page to answer a few questions.