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What does "additional claim required" mean?

If you encounter Additional Claim required, this means the claim is suspended and the claimant must reactivate the claim for payment. There can be several circumstances in which your claim will close and you need to file an additional claim. 

Filing an additional claim is required when:

  • You waive more than two weeks (if you waive one week you are still considered in certification status and can continue to claim benefits without filing an additional claim). 
  • You went back to work and are separated again from an employer
  • You have reported more than 1.5 times you weekly benefit causing excess earnings during your certification week (you may choose to waive this week instead of filing an additional claim)
  • If you have a separation of quit or fired during the week you are certifying

If you see “Additional Claim Required” on your certification, go to your account page, click the "View all Claims" hyperlink then you will see under alerts “File a claim.” You will be taken to the Reopen/Additional claim filing page to answer a few questions.