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Labor and Economic Opportunity

I worked in another state. Can I file in Michigan?

In order to file a combined wage claim (CWC) you must have earned wages in Michigan and one or more other states.  If you choose to file a CWC claim, the wages from all states you worked in within the past 18 months must be used.  There are two ways to file a claim for Unemployment: online or by phone.  To file online, visit  If you have already set up a MiWAM account, log in and click on ‘View all Claims' under the heading ‘I Want To’.  The option to file a claim will be listed under the 'Account Alerts'.  To file by phone at 1-866-500-0017 and listen for the prompt to file a claim.  Please be prepared to provide your current address and phone number; your Driver’s License or state ID number; and the names, addresses, and dates of employment for all your employers during the past 18 months.