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Labor and Economic Opportunity

Why didn't I receive my full benefit payment this week?

One reason could be because you had excessive earnings for the week you are claiming benefits.

Excessive earnings are when your wages for that week equal or exceed your Weekly Benefit Amount (WBA). In order to receive unemployment benefits (this includes the $600 federal PUC payment) your earnings cannot exceed 1.5 times your weekly benefit amount. To calculate your earnings for the week multiply your hourly rate of pay by the number of hours you worked during the week (Sunday through Saturday).

If you are earning income from a part time job or are still working, but with reduced hours (underemployed), you are required to report gross earnings for each week you work and certify for benefits. You must report your total gross earnings (before your taxes are taken out), for the week in which you performed the work, NOT the week in which you received the payment.

Other reasons that you could have earnings include vacation pay, pension or retirement, bonus pay, holiday pay or severance pay.

When certifying each week online or by phone, be sure to answer yes when asked if you worked during a specific week. Then report your total earnings (gross pay) before deductions.