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Labor and Economic Opportunity

I have a PUA claim, do I need to provide work search contacts?

When certifying online through MiWAM, when you select yes to the question “With the exception of COVID -19, were you otherwise capable of seeking work for this week,” a new section will appear requesting that you click the link to enter job contacts for employers contacted while looking for work – you are not required to click this link.

If you are not working because of any of the COVID-related reasons listed on the certification, you are not required to seek work or submit job contacts at this time. You may bypass this question and continue with your certification. Our team is working hard to remove this reference as the work search requirements are temporarily suspended due to COVID-19. As of July 11, 2020, this link will no longer appear when you certify for benefits.

If you already certified and entered job contacts, no further action is needed.

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