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Labor and Economic Opportunity

Michigan Rehabilitation Services (MRS) partners with businesses who have a Michigan footprint to recruit, maintain, and retrain qualified individuals to save time and money while engaging in the interactive process to increase their bottom line and create a truly inclusive workplace culture.
Many businesses utilize our customized services to:

  • Pre-screen for skill set needs
  • Identify talent with skills, motivation, and trainability factors that align with company values and needs
  • Connect HR and recruitment teams to our State-of-the-Art off-site training facility; Michigan Career and Technical Institute
  • Develop customized training programs such as internships, apprenticeships, and on-the-job training/evaluations
  • Post-hire consultation services
  • Customized business team training to develop/enhance inclusivity strategies
  • Evaluate and recommend technology needs for reasonable accommodations
  • Reduce costs related to worker’s compensation/injury risk/return to work plans
  • Disability awareness/education training

MRS can help you maintain a workforce that is motivated, reliable and dependable.

Meet with a job placement professional from one of our 35 offices located statewide and learn how we can help you meet and exceed your business needs and job requirements.

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