Beginning Workshop - May 16-18, 2018:

The Library of Michigan’s Beginning Workshop is a yearly 3-day event geared for library staff members that have not had the opportunity for formal library coursework. Its aim is to introduce library staff to a variety of topics and offer them practical skills that they can use working in a Michigan public library. Anyone new to the profession or just hired at a library, no matter what their academic credentials, is welcome to attend the event.

For those seeking an initial Level 3 or Level 4 certificate from the Library of Michigan attendance at the entire Beginning Workshop is obligatory. For more information on Library of Michigan’s certification program visit the Library Certification page.

Beginning Workshop is offered annually each year in May. Dates and locations are announced in late summer or early fall via Michlib-l.

This event is sponsored by the Library of Michigan and supported with funding from the Library of Michigan Foundation.
2018 Dates: May 16-18, 2018
2018 Location: Shanty Creek Resort, Bellaire, MI