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  • Michigan eLibrary, Your Anywhere, Anytime LibraryContact MeL StaffThe MeL team is made up of staff from two locations. Administration and marketing support are located at the Library of Michigan. The Library of Michigan contracts with the Midwest Collaborative for Library Services for MeLCat implementation and training as well as training and support for MeL Databases.

Who to Contact

  • MeL "M"If You Are a Library
    If you are a library and need technical assistance, please contact the Midwest Collaborative for Library Services. On contract with the Library of Michigan, they provide training and expert assistance for schools and libraries for both MeLCat and the MeL Databases.
  • MeL "M"If You Are a Patron Seeking Information About Your MeLCat Account
    For questions about your personal MeLCat account or requests, please contact your home library. Your library has access to your individual account information and is in the best situation to know how to assist you.
  • MeL "M"If You Are Seeking Administrative Support
    Michigan eLibrary Coordinator
    Liz Breed

    MeL Support
    Sonya Schryer Norris
    phone: 517-373-4457
  • MeL "M"If You Are Seeking MeL Marketing and PR Assistance
    A wide variety of marketing materials are available through MeL: materials such as bookmarks that can be printed on-site, materials such as table tents that can be customized and ordered through a vendor, or supplies including brochures and posters that we have at the Library of Michigan which you can order free of charge for your library. Please visit MeL Promotion & Training to explore what is available to you.